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Why Choose Amalcon?

Our skilled team will ensure you get the perfect lift for your needs and handle all aspects from planning and design to delivery, installation and handover so you get total peace of mind. We go the extra mile so you don’t have to.

Custom-made solutions

Smooth processes

Satisfaction guaranteed

Read what our customers are saying...

The lift ride is smooth and without any anxiety-inducing loud noises or vibrations.

Very reassuring for me as it is my elderly parents who use it the most in our 3-storey house.

Homeowner, Damansara.

The best part is never getting stuck in the lift or having to wait for rescue during a power failure.

A simple press of the emergency return button is all it takes.

Homeowner, Country Heights Kajang

My husband and I used to view homelifts the same way we viewed household appliances and let price be the determining factor. We thought we were saving money but ended up paying twice as much due to recurring breakdowns and maintenance costs. Fast forward five years later, we built another house, and this time we chose DomusLift.

Had we known eight years ago what we know now, we would have chosen DomusLift from the start.

Homeowner, PJ

Being a respected M&E consultancy firm, our clients look to us for advice on what lift to buy.

If its for a house or a low building we always recommend Amalcon.

The safety devices and self-rescue features are the main reasons we recommend Amalcon. We know our clients will not be trapped in their lifts. We’ve not received any complaint or negative feedback from our clients over the many years.

Consultant, Kuala Lumpur

I had heard good things about DomusLift but thought a lift custom-made in Milan would cost more than an Italian car. Was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was not the case and immediately chose DomusLift for my new home.

I will not choose any other brand after this. It's perfect!

Homeowner, Bangsar

Amalcon Engineering gave us excellent advice from the start. They handled the entire process of sale, installation and handover with utmost professionalism and are continuing to provide us with maintenance service for the lift.

It's a one stop center you can rely on.

We have recommended Amalcon to all our friends.

Homeowner, Cyberjaya.

We will never compromise on the health and safety of our family.

We chose DomusLift for our home, and we are getting the CARe sanitiser for our company lift.

A small price to pay for total peace of mind.

Homeowner, Tropicana PJ

Being able to choose from various sizes and finishes to suit our budget and match the interior of our home was one of the reasons we selected DomusLift.

We got exactly what we wanted. It's not a "take it or leave it" or "one style fits all" lift but a complete range of choices to suit different needs and tastes.

Homeowner, Putrajaya

We thought installing a lift in our 3-storey penthouse would be impossible until our consultant recommended Amalcon.

We now have a beautiful glass lift in our penthouse and it has added a real “wow” factor. We never get bored of hearing the compliments from visiting friends, family and business associates.

Penthouse Owner, KL.

Amalcon Engineering was highly recommended to us by a business associate. After dealing with them we understood why.

High quality lifts, prompt, professional service, and very good after-sales support.

Hotel Owner, KL

We have VIP and VVIP clients who want only the best in their homes and offices.

So when it comes to selecting a lift to incorporate into the design we make sure we recommend DomusLift.

Architect, KL.

I decided to get an IGV lift because it's not just about getting from one floor to another.

It’s also about how you get there, and how safe you feel while getting there.

Building owner, KL

Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Interior Designer, KL

I buy German cars. I buy Italian lifts.

They are not cheap but they are definitely the most reliable - plus the most stylish! For me that is money well spent and wisely spent.

Homeowner, KL

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